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Yocto Level-1


-3 to 5 days of yocto training will give you more knowledge

– get support after training also

-individual or bulk training facility

-make you an industry level expert

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Advanced Yocto tutorial

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Yocto Training on AM335x based Industrial Kit


phyBOARD-Wega is a Industry ready embedded kit based on TI’s AM335x SoC. It is Feature rich for all embedded industrial application development. Click on Image to find the complete details and features of phyboard-wega in phytecembedded  site.


Easy to Learn yocto on wega Kit.IT gives more knowledge on Am335x based boards


Yocto Training on I.MX6 based Industrial Kit

phyBoard-Mira is a I.Mx6dl based industrial development kit

Learning yocto on phyboard mira will make you expert in all I.Mx based SOM’s