Yocto Project Development Training

Learn how to Setup and build embedded Linux systems with the Yocto Project and OpenEmbedded.

          Training details:

  • Duration: 4 weekends(sat/sun) classes, and week day support .
  • Training materials:  yocto_bsp_taining.pdf.
  • Written language: English
  • Available oral languages: English.

Contact: info@yoctotutor.com

Training Content:

     * Yocto Introduction
     * Directory Architecture
     * Configuration files
     * Bitbake Commands Usage
     * Recipes(.bb files) and Layers
           Create New layer
           Create New recipe(hello.bb file) 
           Recipe Architecture
     * Recipe example(hello.bb file)
          basic recipe syntax
          complete recipe syntax
          recipe functions(task excution)
          recipe work flow


     * GIT Development in Yocto
           Git Commands
           Git cherry-pick to maintain branches
           Creating And Applying patches using git
     * Customize Yocto Recipes
           Modify existing .bb files
           Create .bbappend files


      * Kernel Support
           Adding linux kernel to machine
           Create and Apply patches to kernel
           Provide new defconfing to kernel
           Providing configuration fragments
           Adding new kernel versions to machine           
           menuconfig  support for  linux kernel
     * BootLoader Support
           Adding bootloader to machine
           Create and Apply patches to bootloader
           Adding New defconfing to bootloader
           Providing configuration fragments
           Adding new bootloader versions to machine
           menuconfig  support for  Bootloader


     * Integrating IOT Packages to Yocto
           Examples: MQTT, libcoap., etc.
     * Create and Build New ROOTFS images
     * Custom Yocto BSP
           Create New machine support in yocto
     *  SDK Development


*   More real time industrial projects